How to create a content management system with Generato

You can save up to 65% of your development time when creating an app with Generato. You want to build a web application for your content management system. Take a look into how thats possible with Generato


Step 1: Create your visual design

Create the data structure of your application. Let's imagine you need a unique custom made content management system. Obviously you need content to get started with your content management system. Every Content has a content manager who is working on the content. The content has a lot of attributes to see every data you need. Also we have templates which can be used to build your content. Think about what other models you need for your content management system and add them easily to your model.

Step 2: Select your Bundles and Templates

With Generato you can select an unlimited amount of templates to either just create the basics with Generato to kick start your project or create everything with Generato and also pick pre defined components to finish your project.

See the Documentation

Step 3: Edit templates and generate your code

You can edit all templates at Generato to make them fit your specific need. You can edit them directly in Generato and also can take a look at the result. With a simple click of a button your template will be generated into code in your IDE.

Step 4: Add your own code to finish the project

With Generato you have now created up to 65% of files and code. In the last step you receive everything in your IDE and can finish the project.

Step 5: Start working with your generated dashboard

You can now start working directly in your content management system. Add data, create new users and orders and start benefiting from a fully usable  content management system-