Our Beta is out now!

After weeks of improving our MVP, we are proud to announce that we have released our first closed Beta today. Thanks to everybody that already provided us with helpful feedback.

With our Beta, you can already generate your software projects in seconds - as many times as you want.

Generato's approach is fairly easy: First, conceptualise your software project visually using our GeneratoGraph or use one of our sample projects. Then either select one of our curated template stacks or create your own and generate your source code in seconds.Once generated you can add your custom code. Do you want to change anything? No problem at all. Change or add visual elements, modify your templates and (re-)generate your code - your custom code remains untouched. Repeat that last step as many times as you want to and

For our closed Beta we created the following template stacks:Google Cloud Functions with Vue and Typescript as well asAngular with Java Springboot. We are currently working on a Ruby on Rails backend stack as well as a MEAN/ MERN stack. Nevertheless, with Generato you'll always have the option to either add any language or framework or simply request a new stack.

If you're having questions or issues while testing we implemented an in-app live chat, created a dedicated onboarding for each functionality and formulated a extensive documentation.

The aim of our Beta is to validate our visual, component-driven application design approach that enables flexible code (re-)generation. Besides, we need your input for defining the next steps of our product development. Which features do you want to see next? 

If you are interested in testing our Beta you can either directly sign up here or just give us a heads up in our chat. Become a part of Generato's product development today.

We are looking forward to your feedback!