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Design your next project with entities, enumerations, pages and components for different types of software projects. Finetune the code-results with pervasive custom attributes, which integrate into your code results.

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Our curated bundles, or your ownly integrated stack will be transformed by our high performant, and secure engine. Auto-adjusts the technology you already love into the visual setup and profit from the instant results into your local code file system. You are always open to integrate your own tools and stacks.

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Extend and Sync

Transform the results out of the browser, into your local file-system, posessed by you. You can insert your custom code nearly everywhere, because individual changes stay secured and maintained, when synchronizing projects or templates.

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Templates + Custom Information

Capture your projects.

Generato's visualizations allows the best architectures for nearly any data-driven system. The visual configuration consists of backends with entities & enumerations and frontends with pages, components & navigations. Everything is interconnected and furnished with the customizable selection of templates. Whenever you build an API, a frontend, a simple dashboard, or just singly, customized UI- or code-components for your next project, Generato's engine gives them to you in seconds, synchronized and all on your local machines.

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Customize and maintain universal templates.

Our transformations into code should be as precise as possible, so Generato is fully hackable: you can use our predefined bundles, edit them to your needs or easily upload your existing code into templates. Decide which settings will be present in the visual configuration, and consequently available in the templates. Forget about writing a component, service, page, class, or test from scratch ever again.

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Stay in sync.

Make the project your project, and insert custom code nearly everywhere. Easily update your project, and templates and synchronize them with the code on your local filesystem. The results are transformed right out of the browser and always posessed by you and your local filesystem.

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const Payment = new MyPayment(user); = http.get<Partial<Payment>>;

/* << add-your-custom-code-here    */

const context = user.getAuth().context;
var G = await context.user;
G.executeMyPrivateFunction('GENERATO RULES')

/*    add-your-custom-code-here >> */

return Payment;

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Lines of Code

12,3 M

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