Make Use of Code Templates

As a developer you know that there are many legit reasons to reuse your code from one project or another. Many developers do so, wether it is code they have already created in another project or code that they found online from various sources or open source websites.

Almost all problems have already been solved by someone. That is why developers often realize that they have previously solved the same problem they are working on right now. Most of the time it is just in a new context and it makes totally sense to reuse the code that they have built before.

When developers write libraries or work on large system development (ex. rendering engines, databases, frameworks), etc. – there is a good opportunity for reusability. With the appropriate planning and use of code templates, developers can leverage what they have written before and focus on the business logic of the application.

Software development can be inefficient. Lack of flexibility, routine work and increasing complexity make application development difficult.

As a SaaS tool for developers, "Generato" makes software development more efficient and ultimately more cost-effective by first creating applications visually and then generating them repeatedly with code templates. Generato's regenerative approach is language and framework independent and aims to support developers in the best possible way - not replace them.

Check our Generato.