Everyone is using software generators

What do you dislike the most as a software developer? Is it not being understood by business people? Is is the constant estimations you have to do without knowing all the facts of a project? Is it that not everything can be created in every language? Or with every framework? Are you tired of writing the same code over and over again.

If you relate to one of the points there is help! Instead of going the lame old way and writing everything by hand, why not use Generato as code generator. It gives you instant access to a wide variety of languages and frameworks and you are able to build your application way faster. Requirement changes do not matter anymore since you can adapt the project at each stage very fast and easy. If you are building multiple projects it is even more useful to you.

But why is everyone using software generators?

Stop writing the same code over and over again

One of the most annoying side effects of not using source code generators is repetition.

What you need is a platform that can enable you to skip the redundant creation of superfluous source code. You don't have to sign away your rights to this code. You remain the owner. And you are able to customize the code in the IDE you choose.

You can create new code using multiple languages and frameworks

Another leading feature of Generato is that it will instantly allow you to create a wide range of code in multiple languages you may not even know.

Whether you prefer to use a particular language such as Java or Angular, or prefer to keep things simple with Spring Boot, you can use Generato to set up your project.

Check out Generato for free!