7 Productivity Tools for Software Engineers

Software engineers are extremely driven, motivated workers. However, productivity issues have been plaguing them as they dip their hands in a lot of ponds. They design, develop, maintain, test, and evaluate computer software. 

On top of that are distractions, such as emails, responding to Slack, and a few occasional interruptions from a boss or colleague, that take much of their time, energy and focus away from their tasks.

Dr. Tom Zimmerman, a senior researcher at Microsoft Research, revealed in a May 2019 podcast that software engineers spend 96 minutes writing code on a good day. On a bad day, the average is 66 minutes

The good news is that, with the right tools every programmer should have, productivity problems can be remedied. Equipped with the best workflow management tools and practices, development can be accomplished successfully in a timely manner.

The following are highly-rated productivity tools for software developers you need to check out right now.

1. Git

What makes Git an awesome tool for software engineers and developers is that you can view it every now and then to track developments and changes in the source code. Each member of the software development group receives a local copy of the source code history. Every change introduced to the code is automatically documented and reflected across all repositories. This enables users to create new codes from the ground up or reuse codes without any snag.

2. Habitica

Gamification has proven to be a very effective approach in terms of increasing engagement and productivity.

Software developers and engineers who love gaming will find Habitica among the must-have tools for developers. The app injects that distinctive gamification RPG element into any software development project, making work interesting and engaging. This results in highly productive software engineers and developers.

3. Generato

Generato is provides an incredibly visual software development platform with impressive tools and lots of templates. It enables users to build project structures with transparency in mind, allowing people to see and know the status of the project at any point.

Generato is one of the web developer productivity tools that helps developers build applications quickly. This code generator equips them with a solution to generate codes seconds. Using multiple frameworks and languages is available. Since it’s client-sided, users can take care of finalizing projects locally. 

By using existing code templates, developers can also save time from creating code from scratch, especially if they have already solved a similar problem before.

4. F.lux

Colors can have a significant impact on a person's productivity. Several studies on color psychology reveal that certain colors (and combinations) can enhance focus and productivity whilst others can sever the focus and interrupt a person's general flow.

F.lux is a cool productivity application that software developers and engineers will definitely appreciate. It automatically adjusts the color temperature of screens to improve productivity and focus. When operating with default configurations, the app follows a premise based on color psychology that warmer colors enable users to slip into a relaxed state while cool blue colors increase alertness.

5. musicForPrograming

musicForPrgramming is an online application created to boost productivity by playing music. Its interface is designed in a way that simulates a code editor; whenever the user changes tracks or adds a playlist, he won't lose his focus as he still visualizes his work even when he isn't in the coding interface.

But how did music get in the picture? Studies have shown that music is an effective productivity booster in the workplace, especially in a mundane and unriveting environment where people spend most of their working hours writing codes, testing software, and running applications.

6. The Silver Searcher

The bulk of software work is writing the source code. But what most people don't know is that software developers and engineers don't spend most of their time actually "writing" lines of code; they read codes and make adjustments and changes.

The Silver Searcher is a fast code-searching solution and is a huge favorite for many software developers and engineers. It can deliver search results instantly after clicking the "Search" button. Users can set Silver Searcher to ignore specific files to narrow down results, leading to faster searches and increased productivity.

7. Sublime Text

Sublime Text equips every software engineer and developer with a cross-platform code editor that is compatible with several markups and program languages.

The app lets users navigate through files and lines almost effortlessly, introduce changes simultaneously to different areas of their code, and shift from one project to another in a snap. It also comes with a distraction-free mode to help developers and engineers train their focus on their work. The distraction-free mode displays the code editor full screen while hiding all UI chrome features.

Being Productive is a Choice

Being productive is easier said than done. The process is definitely a constant struggle. But bear in mind that becoming productive is all about making the right decisions. The apps mentioned above will help you improve your output and achieve more results. But it all starts with you choosing to be productive, day in and day out.