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Realize software development projects75% faster

Visual application design combined with fully accessible templates and client-side code generation

Visual design with Generato and its GeneratoGraph
Over 1,000 of the world's best engineering teams use Generato to develop software more efficient

Like low-code but for professional developers

Build a fully functioning front- and backend
for web-apps in no time

Design applications visually with Generato

1. Productivity-oriented visual design

Create a transparent project structure whilst providing the basis for generating your code and let everyone know about your project phase

Generate source code in seconds and start prototyping

2. Generate code in seconds

Kickstart your projects with our high-quality code templates: They are fully customizable and language and framework independent. You can also import existing templates in no time.

Seamless development with Generato

3. Seamless development

Generate code client-sided, finalize your project locally and implement any changes without worrying about your manually added code.

What our users say

Generato sourcecode blocks

Minimalistic visual design

Generato lets you visualize your project before developing. This facilitates better communication with customers and colleagues, and once approved can immediately transition into infrastructure code.

Minimalistic visual design with Generato and its GeneratoGraph

Fully accessible templates to generate your code locally

Generato provides a template-based generator engine that transforms the application graph into code. Customize our templates to your needs or import your own tech-stack. There are no limitations: Our text-based templates are language and framework independent and the generation takes place on the client-side. You always own the code - We only provide you with a powerful toolkit.

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Finalize your project seamlessly

After generating the majority of your source code, you can easily integrate your remaining individual code fragments. There will be dedicated sections in your generated source code in which you can add your custom code, and your additions will be adopted automatically to your next iteration. Now you can regenerate your code as many times as you want to change, improve or extend your application thoroughly and efficiently.

Source code template code written by the Generato TeamResult source code after using Generato to build software faster and more efficient

Administer your projects at ease

Minimize the overhead of any project and make project management faster and more effective. Generato supports software development projects at every stage of the process.  Easily assign and track responsibilities, communicate and chat with your team, and hand over the finalized project to your client.

Save time and money with Generatos minimal approach


What differentiates Generato from its competitors?

We are focused on professional developers that seek to become most productive. Highest productivity is achieved by fully accessible templates, local code generation and the respective access to the source code, language and framework independency, minimalistic visual application design that incorporates the entire development team and the option to upload existing tech stacks.

How can I purchase a Generato license?

You can purchase the Developer or Team subscription directly at If you need Enterprise feature you can get in touch with us.

Which programming languages can be used with Generato?

Generato is programming language independent. When creating a project, the desired programming language is selected. Programming languages are defined by their names and the programming language-specific syntax for storing source code comments. Currently you can create applications with these templates.

Is Generato an IDE addon?

No, Generato is a SaaS software solution which comes with a standalone IDE and multiple innovative features. However, we plan to develop a plug-in solution for the most commonly used IDE’s in order to improve your user experience.

Which frameworks can be used with Generato?

The generator notation supports the definition of different architecture patterns for different programming environments. With the addition of frameworks, metamodels can be created following the concept of our evolved individual notation.

Will the generated code have a high performance?

Of course we gave our best, and of course follow the best practice. If you might have some Suggestions you may always implement them privately or even propose them to us

Can I contribute?

As of now, Generato is not open-source. However, you can check out our affiliate program. In the future there will also be a marketplace for user generated contents like a templates or even entire projects.

Is it only possible to create monolithic applications or also micro services with Generato?

Both is possible. Our current stacks do not limitate you in your style of architecture.

Will Generato maintain templates that I created?

Our default templates will always be up to date. If you want us to maintain your templates as well, just let us know. With our software development team we are able to maintain your projects and keep them updated all the time.

Hosting or migration of my database?

Right now hosting and migration is not in our in-app feature-set. The migration of the database itself will be implemented through our templates and may be executed by you or your development team on your local machines.

Where can I find a documentation?

We have a documentation that covers everything from working with our visual tools to creating templates yourself. Check it out here.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can sign up for our newsletter, give us a call or use our live chat in the bottom right corner of our website.


Benefits at a glance

Generato Sp

Speed up

Reduce your development time and costs by up to 75% using our visual graph and template approach.

Benefit from our high-quality templates or create your own no matter which language or framework you want to use.

Language and framework independency

Create a transparent and lean project structure while providing the basis for generating your code.


Switch for free

We make it easy to switch. Generato allows you to import all of your existing projects completely free.

Client-side transformation

We provide a web app to generate your code on your own device. Your code never leaves your computer and stays save all the time

Lean project management

Structure extremely complex architectures with ease and easily integrate with your existing tool setup.



Billed once per year - Save 20%
(one seat)
Freelancer is using Generato to enhance his development performance
20k lines of code
Starting at
/ mo.
+ ‚ā¨0,00495
for additional lines of code
Visual application design with Generato graph
Template editor with integrated autocomplete
All current & up to date template stacks
Single Sign-On
Community support
(unlimited seats)
Choose your lines of code :
Starting at
/ mo.
+ ‚ā¨0,0099
for additional lines of code
Everything in Developer, plus:
Project import & replace variables feature
Dedicated Account Manager
Project invites for unlimited team members
Unlimited email & chat support
Consulting & additional advise on code templates
Local macOS, Windows & Linux application
Contact us to learn more about annual plans with volume pricing
Everything in Standard, plus:
Uptime SLA & custom license terms
Guided onboarding & custom implementation
Priority support & dedicated CSM
PDF export of visual graph components
Custom data import
Syncing with productivity tools e.g. JIRA
On-Premise hosting solution

We get in touch with you for individual pricing

Generato optimizes software development processes for agile companies. If you are interested in learning more about Generato pricing, get in touch with us.

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Meet the Team

Philip Schenk is Co founder of Generato and CFO

Philip Schenk

CFO & Founder

Cedrik Dudek is Co founder of Generato and COO

Cedrik Dudek

COO & Founder

Paul Coch is Co founder of Generato and CTO

Paul Coch

CTO & Founder


The Generato team is based in Hamburg, Germany. Located in the Startup Dock community of the Hamburg University of Technology, we are
surrounded by ‚Äěinnovation, agility and dedication ‚Äď values we identify with.‚Äú

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